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Here at Greece Family Dentistry and Implantology, we understand that implants are not for everyone and dentures are a reasonable alternative. We realize that losing teeth is a process that patients have to work through, and we want to help all of our patients through that adjustment period.

At Greece Family Dentistry, we offer full and partial dentures. Properly made and fitted dentures can look and feel very similar to your natural teeth. Our cosmetic dentists are proud to offer our patients dentures that are fabricated right here in our Rochester dental office. By creating dentures at our onsite lab instead of using a prosthetic laboratory, we are able to make a more accurate denture. We feel it is best to make our own dentures for our patients because we like to know exactly what materials are being used and have control over their look. We have an expectation for quality and using our own lab guarantees that our expectations will be met. We want our dentures to have an accurate fit, be comfortable, and have a less chance of falling out, and we find that creating our own dentures also ensures minimal mistakes.

Many times people come see us who are having trouble accepting their new teeth because they are not good candidates for dentures and end up unhappy because of loose fitting or ill fitting dentures. We ensure that our patients are examined properly to make sure that they are good candidates for dentures. We work hand in hand with our patients in each step of the denture process so that our patients are satisfied with their new teeth to make the adjustment period shorter. Additionally, we provide our patients with several post operative appointments to alleviate any sore spots that may develop.

The dental implant and denture connection:

Some patients benefit from dentures stabilized with dental implants. Often times, dentures slip out of place, making it nearly impossible to eat sticky or chewy foods. For some people, this greatly impacts their lives, while for others, it may not change much. For those that wish to have no food restrictions, we recommend using implants to stabilize dentures.

A full arch of dentures can be stabilized using as little as two to five dental implants. The number of implants needed is dependent on the expectations of our Rochester denture patients. If merely stabilizing the denture is the goal, than two implants may be all that is needed. However, if our denture patient wants to eat anything and everything, then four or more implants may be the best treatment plan.

To learn more about getting quality dentures in Rochester or about our affordable denture service, please contact us or schedule an appointment today.

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