White Spot Reversal Treatment

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White Spot reversal treatment is a minimally invasive, cost effective procedure provided by trained dental hygienists to reverse white spots lesions in the teeth, with long term results. This procedure preserves the enamel and may prevent the need for more extensive treatment.

White spots can occur during tooth formation or from poor oral hygiene. They look like white scars or milky white spots anywhere on the tooth, but especially at the gumline and around the edges of orthodontic brackets.

Your hygienist will see you once a week for a series of 5-7 visits. Each visit lasts about 30 minutes. Phosphoric acid etch gel will be applied to the affected areas for about 30 seconds. This will open up the pores of the enamel. The area will be rinsed, dried, and polished with pumice. A milk-derived topical cream with concentrated calcium and phosphates is polished into the area. These minerals are driven deep into the white spot lesion in order to repair, re-mineralize, and regain translucency and uniformity in color. Custom trays will need to be worn twice a day, for 5 minutes a day for treatment with the topical cream, between appointments. No needles, no drilling or filling required.

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